Traffic Pattern Changes Coming To Dunkirk Middle School Area

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DUNKIRK – Changes to traffic patterns near the City of Dunkirk’s middle school are now in place.

The municipality’s police chief announced the news on Friday.

Chief Dave Ortolano says traffic control and signage changes include the intersection of Eagle and 5th Streets, which is now a four-way stop with new stop signs on the 5th Street sides of the intersection.

The current parking area on the Eagle Street side of the school will now be converted to a bus loop.

The previous loop on the Swan Street side will now become the parent drop off area. Parents are to enter the loop by coming north on Swan Street from 6th Street and make a right turn into the loop.

There will be no left turns into the parent drop off on Swan Street for vehicles travelling South on Swan from 5th Street. The chief says this will allow traffic to keep moving and he doesn’t not want parents dropping children off, so they have to cross the road in front of traffic.

The crossing guard will be at 5th and Swan Streets to cross children so they can get to the school drop off entrance on the Swan Street side of the building as well.

The changes were made following traffic safety concerns brought forward by the city school district.


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