Lawmakers Slated To Discuss Urban Hunts As Solution To Deer Overpopulation

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JAMESTOWN – Those tasked with finding a solution to quell the City of Jamestown’s urban deer population are scheduled to present their ideas to city council on Monday night.

Known as the Deer Management Committee, the group under Councilman Tom Nelson plan to allow trained bow hunters to combat the urban deer issue.

For the past year, the group have discussed ways to fight the growing herds that residents complain are a nuisance.

The main plan going forward will be to have trained hunters maintain the deer population through bow hunting from early November to late December.

Around 15 hunters will likely receive four doe tags for the season, and will be sticking to remote parts of the city, says Councilman Thomas Nelson.

“There’s not going to be Hunters in your backyard. They’re going to be very remote in areas of the city. There are only going to be 15 and they will have special tags, so this is not going to be open season for anyone. Only those 15 will be allowed to do this,” said Nelson.

While Nelson explains there will be hunters in the city, the safety of residents is top priority. At least half of the meat harvested will be donated to local food pantries as well.

The council will be presented with the plan tonight, and if all goes well, lawmakers could approve the resolution during their Monday, Sept. 27 voting session. The lawmaking group failed to pass a similar measure last year that would have permitted trained hunters to target urban areas.


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