Local Lawn Enthusiast Takes His Passion Online

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JAMESTOWN – A City of Jamestown resident brings an all new interpretation of what it means to be a middle aged man, who loves his lawn.

The competition to keep the best lawn on the block has always lived in our neighborhoods rent free, but according to Michael Haddad, nobody is more devoted to their lawn than him.

Haddad refers to himself as a lawn addict, and is proud of it, so much so that he has taken the passion and turned it into a brand for himself. Creating a Youtube channel and Instagram account to share some of the wisdom he has gained over the years.

“Just get to know your property, walk around, get an aerial screenshot, google maps or whenever you get a look at your property try to measure it,” explained Haddad. “I have a walking wheel so it’s easy to measure the square footage but you can just paste it out multiplied by three”

Haddad says it’s not about fame, but rather, doing something he loves. If he happens to help someone else pickup the passion along the way, he says that’s a plus. 

“A lot of my friends are more my age, and there are some kids that we have seen on the Instagram to, our young kids are taking a fascination with lawn mowers and weed trimming and which is nice to see the younger generation, but yeah, it’s definitely a middle-age man thing,” said Haddad. 

He has also picked up a lot of knowledge over the past years, including how to get his yard ready for winter, something he is working on this week as the first day of fall approaches, 

“So being that it’s fall time, I’m actually preparing for spring time, I’ll feed it a little bit more so that the fertilizers will last throughout the winter when the grass blade is dormant the roots are still there and the nutrients and just mowing more often now because of the wet season that we are in,” explained Haddad. 

In addition to the social media presence, Haddad also has an impressive sticker collection from friends in the lawn community he has met, and has started a partnership with family owned company Simple Lawn Solutions

“Simple Lawn Solutions are a company based out of Florida they are a family owned operation and they provide fertilizers and hose and sprayer type applicators and the name says it all Simple Lawn Solutions, it is very simple to use their products,” said Haddad.

The partnership, Haddad explains, isn’t about making money, but if he happens to yield a profit, he plans to give back to the community. 

“They even give me an affiliate link so if someone were to use a link to buy fertilizer, I can make some money off of it, I’m not trying to make money off my friends, I’m actually going to use any proceeds and don’t to a veteran group,” furthered Haddad.


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