New Report Addresses Continued Issues With Robocalls

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – A consumer watchdog group is putting pressure on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to protect customers from robocalls.

The PennPIRG Education Fund, today, published a report, called Make the Ringing Stop: The FCC is Finally Fighting Back Against Robocalls.

“Unwanted robocalls terrorize all of us and victimize many of us,” said PennPIRG Education Fund Advocate Emma Horst-Martz. “How much longer are we going to tolerate people’s lives being destroyed when they answer imposter calls?”

Two years ago, Congress passed legislation requiring phone companies to install sophisticated caller ID technology, to reduce the number of illegal robocalls.

According to Horst-Matz, while most companies were supposed to comply by June 30, some smaller providers were given an extension until 2023.

This month, the consumer group analyzed the FCC’s database, and found only 17 percent of nearly 3,100 phone companies said they completely implemented the new technology.

Additionally, only 27 percent had partially implemented it, while 56 percent said they’re not using the technology, and are going to use their own method to manage robocalls.

“As if the 10 billion a year in fraud losses from illegal robocalls isn’t enough, they cost Americans another three billion dollars a year in wasted time,” said Horst-Matz. “This has to change.”

Starting next Tuesday, phone companies must start blocking calls from providers who have not reported their progress to the FCC.

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