NYS Dental Association, ‘We Are Not Mandated As This Point To Be Vaccinated’

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NEW YORK (WENY) – The federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate for healthcare workers may impact some dentists and dental workers.

The President of the State Dental Association says it all depends on where the dentist and dental staff work. The mandate doesn’t cover dental staff that work in private practices at this time.

“The New York State Dental Association, we strongly suggest the vaccination we are strong supports of the vaccination but under the mandate, we are not mandated at this point to be vaccinated,” Dr. Kevin Henner said.

However, Dr. Henner explains if your dentist or private physician works in a hospital then they may fall under the mandate requirements.

“If your private practice dentist or physician has hospital rig is doing work in a hospital then they are required by the hospital mandate but if it’s just a private entity then no that’s not under the mandate,” Henner said.

The industry continues to take COVID precautions he added.

“All of the PPE for me it’s a glove a mask it’s a face shield for some it’s also goggles behind the face shield,” Henner said.

To ensure the safety of patients treated in his office, there are some steps his clients need to go through. Henner says he has a pre-appointment screening process over the phone for each client before coming into the office. There are also additional guidelines in place once they come in.

Certainly, there’s a mask requirement, in my office, I have hand sanitizers everywhere in the office every patient gets their temperature taken as they enter the office,” Henner said.

He says he doesn’t know when and if dentists and dental staff will be required to get vaccinated under the mandate.


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