Schumer Calls On Biden Administration To Help Bring Down Rising Gas Prices

Austin Kirk / CC BY 2.0

NEW YORK – New York’s senior U.S. Senator is calling on the Biden Administration to tap into the emergency petroleum reserves to lower rising gas prices.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer held a press conference in New York City on Sunday discussing the subject.

Schumer says everyone is feeling the “pain at the pump,” especially families across New York.

“Less money for groceries, less money for everyday expenses, less money for the high cost of prescription drugs, which we’re trying to do something about in our Build Back Better Bill. Yes, COVID wreaked havoc on our supply chains. No industry is spared but fuel gasoline is the worst of all,” explained Schumer.

He says the president should use the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to take immediate action to reduce the current price hike.

In the end, Schumer believes that will only be a temporary solution and the nation needs to continue its push to move away from carbon fuels all together.


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