Truckers Struggle With Supply Chain Shortages Ahead Of Holidays

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ERIE (Erie News Now) – As many prepare for holiday vacations, truckers are out on the roads working hard to make deliveries to stores and shipping facilities as Christmas creeps closer.

“I started in Maine, came over to Cleveland, now I’m heading back to Maine,” said trucker, Rob Gordon.

“The Northeast is kind of busy. It’s a lot of traffic,” said trucker, Artsiom Marynchyk.

But this year, they’re facing some major bumps in the road. “Supposedly, there’s a bunch of containers they’re waiting on, we haven’t been able to get anything from,” said Gordon.

Supply chain shortages are hitting the industry hard, but not in the way you may think.

Truckers we spoke to say the supply chain shortages aren’t effecting their freight, but it’s affecting their truck parts. So, if they work for themselves and a tire goes out, they could be out of a job for three or four weeks.

“From first-hand experience, tires are really hard to get. You’re having to sacrifice and go with off-brands from what you normally want,” said trucker, Matthew Putnam.

Putnam has hauled freight for more than twenty years. He’s never seen a struggle to keep on the road like this. “Guys are breaking down, and we can’t get parts for our trucks just like people can’t get what they want for Christmas possibly. When your truck breaks down, and you’re a senior owner operator, you might be waiting three or four weeks for a water pump. Four or five weeks for an engine rebuild kit,” said Putnam.

As they keep on trucking through the holidays, they’re asking you for patience whether you’re passing them on the highway or waiting for gifts to make it under the tree. “You want more truck drivers in the industry? Be a little nicer to us when you’re driving around us,” said Putnam.


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