Borrello Says He Opposes Parts Of Governor’s Ethics Plan, Sites Lack Of Details

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MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County’s representative in the New York State Senate is weighing in after Governor Kathy Hochul announced this week that she plans to introduce a proposal instituting term limits and ethics reforms. 

WNY News Now spoke to State Senator George Borrello (R, 57th District) following the Governor’s announcement. Borrello says, while he agrees that placing term limits on the Governor and other elected positions “could be something worthwhile,” he opposes certain ideas from Hochul’s proposals.

“As the old saying goes, the Devil is in the details,” Borrello said. “To me, you have to look at the outside income limits. I’m opposed to that, particularly with our state legislators. because I think one of the reasons I think we live in the worst state in America to do business, and one of the worst state to live in, because so many of my colleagues in the State Legislature have no idea the impact that the harmful laws, taxes and regulations they’ve passed.”

“They have no skin in the game. Quite frankly, we need more people like myself who know what it’s like to operate a business, to pay those taxes, to deal with those harmful regulations and laws.”

The process of passing constitutional amendments won’t “happen overnight,” Borrello explains. The Senator details how the amendments would have to pass in two consecutive Legislative terms.

Borrello says the amendments, if passes, would likely not go into effect until at least 2024. He adds that the first step is for Hochul to have a sponsor in the Legislature introduce the amendment.


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