Mount Pleasant To Open Slopes Friday Morning

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CAMBRIDGE SPRINGS, Pa. (Erie News Now) –  After over a month delay, Mount Pleasant of Edinboro is getting ready to open Friday morning at 11 am.

Mount Pleasant normally tries to open by Christmas, but above average temperatures this season have made it impossible for man-made-snow production.

They need temperatures below 28°, and it took until recently for there to be enough cold nights to have enough snow for skiing.

Most years there have been thirty or so nights that cold by early January, but this year Mount Pleasant staff have only been able to make snow 10 nights so far.

“A little bit of natural snow always helps, you know, it gets people excited, gets people ready to go. Natural snow in people’s yards brings people out,” said General Manager Andrew Halmi. “We’re happy mother nature finally turned around, we got some cold weather to make snow, so we open tomorrow.”

Now that they’ve had enough time to make over 12 million gallons of snow, they’re ready to open just in time for a fresh layer of natural snow overnight.


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