Biden Visits Pittsburgh Collapsed Bridge, Promotes Job Creation And Infrastructure Bill 

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden made a stop in Pittsburgh on Friday. He spoke at Carnegie Mellon University about fixing the supply chain issues, jobs and the infrastructure bill. This comes after a bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh earlier that day and officials said this infrastructure bill is much needed.   

Just hours before President Joe Biden made his way to Pittsburgh to speak on a slew of key issues, including infrastructure, a bridge just east of downtown Pittsburgh collapsed.   

“I’ve drive across this bridge several times its surreal, the entire bridge has collapsed,” said Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman over the phone.   

So far no reports of any deaths from the collapse but at least three have been taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. The President decided to visit the site of the collapse first before making his way to Carnegie Mellon University. “We’re gonna fix them all,” said Biden referencing about fixing bridges.    

Local Pennsylvania officials said the President coming to the city to speak on the $1.2-trillion dollar infrastructure bill, which aims to invest in bridges, roads and broadband, is significant especially following the bridge collapse.   

“We needed it,” said Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey. “You know, I said it before, this bipartisan infrastructure law is critical to southwest Pennsylvania in the city of Pittsburgh. We know we have bridges that we need to take care of.”  

During his time in Pennsylvania, Biden visited Carnegie Mellon University’s Mill 19, a manufacturing hub. When he spoke at the university, Biden focused on strengthening our manufacturing, creating jobs and building our economy.   

“We need a future that is made in America,” said Biden. “That means using products, parts, materials, built right here in the united states of America. It means bringing manufacturing back, jobs back, building the supply chains here at home. Not outsourcing abroad so we have better jobs and lower prices here.”  

He also made another pitch of his Build Back Better legislation, which promised to invest in things like childcare, climate change and expand healthcare. But not every congressional member can get on board with it.   

“We need to ease the burden on working families making everything, everything more affordable and accessible to the hardworking people.” 


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