Teaching Students About The Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – After two years of history unfolding in front of our eyes, it can be a lot to comprehend, especially for children.

Teachers are now given the task to explain the conflict between Russia and Ukraine to students who may come in to the classroom with questions.

No amount of studying could have prepared kindergarten teacher Arrianna Pickens for her first few years as an educator at Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School, “Definitely a scary situation, something, nothing could have prepared us for this. We just have to take it one day at a time”

With the situation changing by the day in Ukraine, it can be a lot for children to try to understand.

David Krakoff, the Educational Director and middle school Principal at Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School said, “Kindergartners are more aware than anyone gives them credit for and they have questions and they see things on the news and television and they want clarification and they look towards their teachers first for those answers”

Students may have questions that teachers may not have the answers to as circumstances are constantly changing.

Both teachers and faculty at the Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School agree that the Russia and Ukraine conflict adds to another layer of things they have to explain to children after an already tumultuous two years.

It’s the most challenging time teaching in education and learning for our students has always been difficult, now more than ever, between Covid and now the trauma with what’s happening intentionally. It’s a traumatic time for everyone and the social, emotional support becomes critical for our students”, said Krakoff.

Pickens said even in the scary times, it’s best for the students and teachers to do what they can to remain positive.

“These issues that we are seeing in this world have been unprecedented and unpredictable but I think us as a school have been doing such a great job with guiding our students in the right path in order to make sure they are staying positive regardless of all the negativity we are seeing in the world”, said Pickens.


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