NY Steps Up Russian Sanctions, Sending Medical Supplies To Ukraine

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YONKERS N.Y. – New York State is stepping up sanctions against Russia while offering medical supplies to help those in war-torn Ukraine.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul ordered state agencies and public authorities to cease business with companies that have continued to do business in Russia.

“The specter of the fighting going on in Ukraine, the painful images of seeing innocent civilians, losing their lives, attacks on schools and hospitals, and it’s continuing to decline,” said Hochul.

Additionally, the Greater New York Hospital Association is sending over 100,000 pounds worth of medical supplies to Ukraine.

“We’re going to continue ramp up our efforts to do what we can to support these individuals,” Hochul continued. “Not just with our prayers, not just with our thoughts, but real supplies that we hope will save lives.”

Russia’s invasion has now entered its fourth week, with several other U.S. states and leaders taking steps to financially squeeze Russia since the attack began.

“We’re continuing to put the pressure on, I saw this as a young college student when we were trying to stop apartheid in South Africa. And it was when people started divesting holdings in companies that were doing business in South Africa, we finally created the economic pressure that resulted in change,” said Hochul

This is the second similar act by the Governor, after Hochul signed an executive order banning state agencies from doing business with Russian companies.


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