Meet The Candidates: Charlie Gerow For PA Governor

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HARRISBURG, Pa. (Erie News Now) – In Pennsylvania, there are ten Republican candidates running to be the next governor. 

One of those candidates is Charlie Gerow, a national conservative leader who serves as Vice-Chairman of CPAC and The American Conservative Union.

Gerow’s lived in Pennsylvania for nearly six decades, but his story begins far from the commonwealth.

“I wasn’t born here. I was born in a slum in southern Brazil, and my birth mother realized that she couldn’t take care of me, so she put me up for adoption, asked for only one thing- that I be adopted by Americans,” said Gerow.

Gerow began his career working for Ronald Reagan’s campaign. Now, he’s the CEO of a public relations firm in Harrisburg, and a 2022 candidate for governor.

“I believe Pennsylvania is in the front-line of a battle this year for the heart and soul of our country,” said Gerow.

Gerow says he envisions a new path for America, where Pennsylvania plays a critical role.

“One of individual liberty, personal freedom and the hope, growth, and opportunity that I represent as a candidate,” said Gerow.

Post-COVID economic recovery is a vital part of his vision.

“Literally, a third of our small businesses have been shuttered and aren’t necessarily coming back,” said Gerow.

His plan is to focus on job creation and reducing taxes, like the corporate net income tax.

“We’ve got to make Pennsylvania competitive again by getting our business taxes down to a competitive level,” said Gerow.

He says reducing energy and fuel costs for Pennsylvanians is another key element to a strong economy, adding that the answer is right here in Pennsylvania. Achieving energy independence is something he’s looking forward to, if elected.

“We have trillions of cubic feet of natural gas right underneath our soil,” said Gerow. “We need to dramatically increase Pennsylvania’s usage of natural gas in particular,” he added.

He’ll face off in the crowded Republican primary on May 17.


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