New Details In PA Fire That Claimed Lives Of Adult, 3 Children

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By Lisa Adams

SPRINGBORO, Pa. (Erie News Now) – New details are emerging regarding a fire that claimed the life of an adult and three children in Pennsylvania.

All four victims likely died of asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation then suffered burns as well, according to preliminary findings from Crawford County Coroner Scott Schell.

It appears the 10- and 14-year-old boys and 6-month-old baby girl were all on the second floor of the home in Springboro, Crawford County.

The 65-year-old grandmother who died was in a separate apartment area on the side of the first floor.

The fire broke out Friday around 7 p.m., but it burned so hot crews had to fight it from outside.

When the fire was out, it took time to recover the bodies because the roof had collapsed, and parts of the second floor collapsed into the first.

Two others injured in the fire remain hospitalized. One is in critical condition.

Apparently, the fire itself blocked escape routes.

Two State Police fire marshals have been sifting through the the rubble to find a cause. They will meet with the coroner Monday.


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