Local Celebrate Cinco De Mayo In Jamestown Area

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FALCONER – May 5th is known to many as Cinco de Mayo, but to some it is more than just a Fiesta. The date represents something more meaningful to their culture.

Luis Rodriguez, co-manager at the Azteca Mexican Diner in Falconer tells us the significance of the day, and what it commemorates, the Mexican military holding off invaders in the 1860s.

“The Spanish, English, and French military actually wanted to attack Mexico at one point,” explained Rodriguez. “The Spanish and England military actually negotiated with the Mexican military, and they actually agreed to a deal.”  

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated for the Mexican defeat of France in Puebla, and as Rodriguez mentions, is still remembered dearly to this day.

“In parts of Puebla there’s a lot of reenactments, festivals that go around there,” stated Rodriguez.

Although history is important, Rodriguez believes there is more than just tradition that makes Cinco de Mayo great.

“Not just tradition, but food as well,” explained Rodriguez. “Lots of hardworking people, very friendly I’d say.”

To celebrate the famous day, Azteca is going to have fajita specials, Mexican beer, margaritas, and a new drink to celebrate their culture.

“We’re actually introducing our Aguas frescas,” stated Rodriguez. “Which is going to be strawberry, lime, and pineapple. Which is something that’s very traditional in Mexico, and we wanted to bring it to the community.”   


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