Pro-Choice Supporters Protest Outside Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s Home

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Since the Supreme Court draft decision was released, which outlined striking down Roe v. Wade was leaked to the public, demonstrators have taken their protests from the steps of the Supreme Court to the homes of Supreme Court Justices.  

Gathered in an Alexandria, Virginia Walgreens parking lot, a group of pro-choice protesters marched off into a nearby neighborhood. They headed for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s home.

“Does anyone here think that these unaccountable justices think twice about lying to us,” asked one speaker during the protest. “No,” replied the crowd.

This group, organized by Shutdown DC says about 100 people showed up to the protest. They voiced their concerns about the Supreme Court potentially striking down Roe v. Wade, a ruling which has kept abortions legal in the US. Some of the speakers have talked about how they’re worried that if Roe gets overturned, they’re worried other rulings and precedents could be threatened.

“This is not only a threat to abortion, and the right to do this, this is also a threat to contraception such as birth control, IUD, plan B, LGBTQ plus rights and same sex marriage,” said one protester.

Alito isn’t the first justice to have protesters outside of his home. Over the weekend, groups stood outside justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. While many have criticized people for protesting at the justice’s home, some said it’s their right to protest.

“Those people out there that think that protesting and speaking politicians and justices’ homes is too much, please keep in mind that these people are actively attempting to take our rights away from us,” said one speaker.

After a handful of speeches and a moment of silence the group marched off. The White House is speaking out on the protests outside of justice’s homes. They said that the justices should not be concerned about their personal safety. They add that protesters have a right to protest but it should never include threats, vandalism and violence. The Senate recently passed legislation to provide round the clock security for the justices’ families. That bill now heads to the House for approval.


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