Student Surprised Following Bike Theft

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JAMESTOWN – A local student, known in the community for her charity work, came across a special surprise this week after her bicycle was stolen.

During the holiday season, 11-year-old Taylnn Kendall collected toys and winter clothing for children in need.

This week, Kendall was in need of help herself, after her bicycle was stolen from under her front porch.

“I got it from my grandma and I was really upset afterwards,” says Taylnn.

“She lives in Florida so she doesn’t see her very often, so it has sentimental value,” continues her mother Tabitha Raynor.

Taylnn’s mother Tabitha Raynor then turned to the community for help.

“When James and I discovered that her bike was stolen, we had decided that we would try to get her old one back because of the sentimental value,” says Raynor. “We would give it some time, a week or two, and if it didn’t get returned we would get her a new one. So I started posting things on Facebook if anybody’s seen it, here’s how you can identify it’s hers. If anybody sees it, shoot me a message.”

After hearing about the missing bike, a group of community members, who also run charitable groups, stepped in to help.

“Hey Taylnn, how we doin’? It’s Nick with Team AJ Strong, we met last holiday season. I just wanted to make a quick video. My friends and I heard that your bike got stolen, and that sucks. It kinda put a big damper, today’s my birthday and it kinda put a big damper here. But, me and Aaron Lee and Jamie Billquist and Rich Bianco and Patrick Smeraldo, all the guys that helped you out during the holiday season, we all heard about it. And we all pitched in to help your mom get you a new bike, hopefully she’s given it to you already,” says Nick Kahanic.

Raynor, and her fiancé James Blizzard, said Taylnn was shocked and grateful. She even got to pick out the bike herself.

“Mostly just a mountain bike because there’s a lot of bumpy roads, so something to go over the bumpy roads and teal because that’s my favorite color,” says Taylnn.

As a way to say thank you, Taylynn has a special surprise up her sleeve.

“I’m gonna send you guys a “Be Kind” Award from my giving mission. It’s a “Be Kind 2020” Award. And we are also going to do a lemonade stand for you guys,” says Taylnn.

The lemonade stands will go towards benefiting the foundations of the groups that gifted Taylnn the bike, including Rosie’s Run, AJ Strong, Exceptional Stars Athletics, and Collaborative Children’s Solutions.


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