Dog Petition Makes It To City Hall

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JAMESTOWN – Lawmakers were addressed by concerned residents Monday night, during their Work session, with concerns about local dogs running amok. 

Last week Merry Williams started a petition to do something about the dangerous dogs, who are frequently loose in their westside area. 

During the City Councils Housing, and Public Safety meetings, concerned residents spoke out about their fears associated with the animals.

“Chasing kids and stuff on their porches, chased me,” explained Robert Goslan Jr. “I was out shoveling one morning, and I went to go throw a shovel full of snow, and I just caught two dogs running towards me, in the process, and I hurried up and ran into my house because they were charging right at me.”  

“I stepped outside to put some cans in the recyclables , and I came face to face with them,” stated Sonny Burns. “And I don’t know how I got the screen door between me and them to this day, but I’ll tell you what. I was scared to living death.”  

One local resident Wanda Mckotch even started to break down in tears when thinking about what the dogs did to her cat.

“On December 17th those two dogs killed my cat,” says Mckotch. “Literally shook it and skinned it alive. And i couldn’t get to it in time.”

The dog owners turned up to the meeting, acknowledging the problem, but also saying some of the allegations are way to exaggerated.

“The only thing they are guilty of is getting loose,” explained Steve Kent. “I’m not arguing the fact that they need to be kept on a leash, I get it.”  

The City Council along with Police Captain Robert Samuelson noticed the concerns from residents and promised to follow up on the situation.


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