Centuries Old Furniture Maker Makes Historic Business Preservation Registry

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FALCONER – One of the first industrial employers in the Village of Falconer is receiving statewide recognition for their more than two centuries of operations.

State Senator George Borrello paid a visit to Fancher Chair on Friday, to present them with an award adding the furniture manufacturer to New York State’s Historic Business Preservation Registry.

“This is really an amazing event. The state created something through the parks and reservation and historic preservation, a new program which is a historic business registry here in New York State,” Borrello said. “They are truly a business that stands out, not just here in Chautauqua county, not just here in New York State, but worldwide and I’m very proud that we were able to get them listed as one of the first 100 historic business registries here in New York State.”

To be considered for the registry, a business must have been in operation for at least 50 years. Fancher Chair has been open 215 years, and according to employees, is still going strong.

“That’s what’s kept us going, I think it’s just the ability to evolve and change from not just stuck in one thing. The owners have always had the ability to adapt to what the market needs,” plant manager Mike Nygeren said.

To be recognized for their work and dedication, furniture builders were overjoyed.

“It’s a great accomplishment for the company, for the community, and for the longevity of woodworking in this area,” said longtime employee Pete Scheira.

“It’s an honor to be here, as long as the companys been around, but to be honored by the state and have them come in and give this award, it’s truly an honor for the company,” said Nygeren.

No one seemed more proud of the company’s accomplishments, than the owner himself.

“This is quite an honor for the company and I really think it’s an honor for the employees. There have been a lot of employees that have worked here over the 215 years and it’s through their dedication and the efforts that they put in that we’ve been a successful company. You can have all the greatest equipment and the greatest ideas but if you don’t have the people behind it that are willing to put the effort in and be conscientious it’s not gonna work,” Henry explained.


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