NY Fireworks Law Highlighted In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – There are many ways to celebrate the birth of a nation, from cook-outs, to parades, to fireworks. With the fun, comes some concerns from officials in Jamestown.

Head of Jamestown’s Public Safety Committee, Councilman Brent Sheldon, urges residents to be mindful of their neighbors this weekend, especially when it comes to noise. 

“We all want to celebrate the birth of our country, but do it respectfully for your neighbors,“ explained Sheldon. “I had a complaint just over the weekend that somebody was shooting up fireworks illegally in one of the neighborhoods, disturbing the peace, we all want peace and quiet.” 

Certain types of fireworks are illegal in New York State. Part of the problem is our close proximity to Pennsylvania, with many buying fireworks in the Commonwealth and bringing them home.

“Fireworks that launch in the air and explode are illegal in New York State,“ stated Sheldon. “You can buy the kind that are like sparklers at different places like Walmart or Tops. They have set up tents where they have temporary businesses, those are legal fireworks, but the ones that go up in the air and explode are illegal. You can buy them in Pennsylvania, but it is illegal to transport them back here into New York State.”  

Recently, the City of Jamestown has been working with local event holders promoting “quieter fireworks”, the most recent use was at the Hello Summer Festival’s fireworks display.

“You could hear a little boom, but none of the huge bangs,“ explained Sheldon. “They have a report, and usually they send those off at the finally time where it’s just boom boom boom, they didn’t do that at all. That’s what we want, we want quieter fireworks, people with PTSD, children with autism, and pets.”    

In the end, officials urge those looking to celebrate the holiday to seek out a professionally produced fireworks display, like the many taking place across the region this weekend. 


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