Pro-Choice Activists Prep For Reproductive Rights Rally In Jamestown

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JAMESTOWN – Pro-choice activists are getting ready for a reproductive rights rally in Jamestown this weekend.

The Jamestown Justice Coalition organized Sunday’s rally in protest of the recent Supreme Court decision  overturning Roe v. Wade. 

Ahead of demonstrations, locals are touting the importance of making their voices heard. One of the organizers we spoke with says this is not just a woman’s rights issue. 

“This is an issue that’s going to affect the LGBTQ+ community, our trans brothers and sisters, it’s going to affect, disproportionately, women of color. It is an issue of racism as well and we really need to keep those things in mind and have it be something that brings us together,” explained activist Autumn Echo. 

Those with the Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program explain that most abortions take place very early on in the pregnancy, and only less than one percent of terminations happen during the third trimester.

“It’s not even really a form of birth control. If someone is getting an abortion it’s because they weren’t ready, in cases of they didn’t have a choice whether it was assault, or just financially and mentally can’t do it. It’s a hard choice,” said CAPP official, Cienna Simon. 

Pro-Choice advocates say there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the procedure too. 

“No one wants to kill babies, nobody is for that. That’s not what the issue is, it is a fundamental misconstruing of the issue at hand,” explained activist Annie Chartrand. “This ruling is about control. This is about controlling bodies, controlling people, controlling women in particular and it is about the overreach of a very small minority exerting unjust and undue power over the legislative process, over the government, over people’s bodies.”

The rally will take place on Sunday at noon. Protestors will meet at Dow Park, and march to City Hall, where a variety of speakers will address those in attendance.


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