Fatal Drive-by Shooting Brings Public Safety Concerns Forward

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – A fatal drive-by shooting that unfolded in broad daylight in the City of Jamestown last Friday is once again bringing scared and frustrated residents to city hall, calling on local officials to hike up public safety measures.

On Friday, 35-year-old Jesus Batista Perez was shot and killed in what was deemed by investigators to be a targeted drive-by shooting in the area of Prendergast Avenue.

Since then, both residents and local leaders alike are voicing their concerns.

“One of the big problems that’s confronting us all again is murder in Jamestown. Whether it’s drug related or related to other purposes, it’s one too many that we’ve had most recently,” said long-time resident Doug Champ.

Champ wants lawmakers to revisit their American Rescue Plan Act financial allocation, calling for an additional $2 million dollars for public safety.

“Why would people wanna come when we got murders going on, crime going on, violence going on. We need to understand that the American Rescue Plan was a healing thing due to death caused by a pandemic, and we’re reacting to it like in a shotgun approach,” said Champ.

For Champ, the rising crime rate is hitting close to home.

“My grandson lives on Lakeview Avenue, he heard the shots. He heard the rounds. What do you tell him? What do you tell him, what he heard in terms of that. And then he finds out that somebody was murdered close to where he lives. He thought it was fireworks,” said Champ.

“People are concerned. It’s not acceptable, I know it’s happening everywhere, but it’s not acceptable and we have to figure out a way to try and stop it. It’s a quality of life issue, it’s a life and death issue, people should feel comfortable in their neighborhoods no matter where they live. They have families, they have kids, and that shooting occurred a block from a school. There was school today, today was the last day of their summer program at love school,” said City Council President Tony Dolce.

In cases like this, public cooperation is crucial to solving crimes. Unfortunately, local law enforcement in Jamestown say the number of those willing to help is at an all time low.

Police Chief Timothy Jackson is urging residents who might have information in this deadly shooting to call his office anonymously at (716) 483-7537.


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