Experts Worry Massive UPS Strike Could Be Brewing


NEW YORK – Labor experts say a massive strike could be brewing within the next year at UPS, the world’s biggest package courier.

It comes ahead of a high stakes showdown between the company and the teamsters, one of America’s oldest labor unions.

Their current contract is set to expire at the end of July 2023. Contract negotiations between UPS and the teamsters are set to begin in the spring.

But before talks have even started, experts are predicting the company’s drivers and package handlers will end up going on strike.

It would be the largest strike against a single business in U.S. history, and would affect nearly every household in America.

An estimated six percent of the nation’s gross domestic product is moved in UPS trucks every year.

The shipping giant moves 21.5 million U.S. packages a day.

The Postal Service, Amazon, and Fed-Ex wouldn’t be able to cover the shortfall in the event of a strike at UPS.


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