Owners Of Dog Beaten With Wrench Call For Justice

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – The owners of a dog allegedly beaten with a wrench in Jamestown this week are calling for justice, and hope the man accused in the attack never owns a pet again. 

The pitbull, named Kovu, was allegedly struck in the head and face multiple times with a wrench by Gregory Rosier, after Kovu got into a fight with his dog. Now, the pit’s owners are seeking justice.

“He’s a very friendly, nice, loving pitbull. One of the most loving pitbulls I’ve seen around here, and actually since I moved here I’ve been chased by a couple of pitbulls who were nowhere near as friendly as my pitbull has been trained to be,” said Owner Zachary Scott.

The owners’ attest to Kovu’s temperament, saying he has never been aggressive towards anyone, or any other dog.

“The only time I’ve ever seen him get aggressive was towards a cat and that’s because of course, cats and dogs probably wouldn’t get along because that’s just how they are,” said Scott.

Tuesday afternoon when the attack occurred, Scott says he had just left Kovu outside on a leash for not even five minutes.

“I guess my dog had slipped off his collar and was up here and before I could even know they were up here getting aggressive I guess, my neighbor had told me that my dog was literally up in the Pearl City Cycle van trying to be friendly and get pet by everybody. I guess he turned around and this man’s dog got aggressive and started growling towards my dog.When he turned around to see what was going on, he claimed that they were fighting and instead of breaking it up with his hands, he took a wrench and started hitting my dog in the head repeatedly with it,” said Scott.

Kovu sustained multiple injuries, leaving open wounds on his head.

“His mother immediately took him to the Fluvanna vet. They were very busy so they weren’t able to see him inside but they came outside. He has a very bad concussion, he’s able to walk but he has a very bad concussion. He has a blood blister on the top of his left side,” said Owner Kiara Aossey.

According to the pair, this isn’t the first incident Rosier had with an animal. They now want the accused to lose his right to own a dog, or any other pet, in the future.

“He said he was going to have to put his own dog down because his own dog attacked his girlfriend,” said Scott.

Since the alleged attack, Jamestown Police have charged Rosier with aggravated cruelty to animals.


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