Preparing for the First Snowfall of the Season

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By Elspeth Mizner

ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Winter is set to make its return soon, which means it’s time to dig the snow blowers out of storage and get them serviced.

Officials at Wagner’s Mower and Plow Sales and Services gave advice on what things to look for when getting your snow blower serviced.

“Get the oils changed once a year, you want to make sure all the shear pins are not broken and good to go. The shoes are not worn out underneath and you want to make sure if there’s any fuel left over in the tank that it’s stabilized at the end of the season, so then the fuel doesn’t go bad and cause problems”, said Joey Pustelak from the Sales Department at Wagner’s Mower and Plow Sales and Services.

Pustelak said they have been busy keeping up with the demand for shovels this 2022 season, “Our shipments are very small this year but we do have them in stock.”

Before those few flurries start to fall, Wagner’s has been busy servicing all their equipment from snow blowers to snow plows.

Private and commercial snow plow companies has been keeping them on their toes.

“We have plenty of people coming in to get their plows put on. Every year we do a service on their plows before we put it back on and make sure they are all set”, said Pustelak.

Besides selling new snow blowers, they are keeping up with customers bringing in their snow blowers to get serviced just in time for the first snow fall.

“Our service department is so busy it’s unbelievable, and that’s actually a good thing because most people want to be prepared for the winter and instead of waiting until the last minute which ends up being a big problem, we have everyone bringing their stuff in now to get serviced and winterized and ready to go”, said Pustelak.


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