RSV weekly cases hit two year high in U.S.

Cropped Kim Farcot / MGN

NEW YORK, NY (Newsource) – New cases of RSV, a common cold-like virus,  have hit the highest level for any single week in the past two years.

Fresh data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows more than 7,300 cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus in the U.S.

That’s for the week ending October 15. Fifteen percent of PCR tests came back positive for the virus.

For most people, RSV typically causes mild, cold-like symptoms, from which recovery time is a week or two. But the virus can be more serious for infants and older adults.

The current rise in RSV cases is being seen in many parts of the country. Several children’s hospitals say they’ve been “overwhelmed” with patients.

Federal data shows pediatric beds are more full now than any time in the past two years.

Some health experts predict this will be a rough winter for Americans to navigate not only RSV, but also, COVID-19 and the flu.


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