Will U.S. Tech Titans Stay Among World’s Richest Men?

Trevor Cokley / U.S. Air Force

SAN JOSE, Ca. (Newsource) – It’s been a rough few months for some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. So rough, Forbes might need to keep revising its list of the world’s richest people.

Elon Musk holds the top spot on the Forbes ranking. He’s expected to testify in court this week about his tesla compensation package. On top of that, Musk says twitter could go bankrupt.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s fourth-richest person. Just Monday, he said he’d donate most of his wealth during his lifetime.

Finally, last month, meta reported a fifty percent drop in its quarterly profits.

Forbes reported in September Mark Zuckerberg fell off its list of the ten richest people in the U.S. let alone the world.

Meanwhile, the companies the three men founded are laying off thousands of employees. Most of them don’t have spare billions to fall back on.


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