Democrats Rush To Pass Bills Before GOP Takes House 

Architect of the Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Newsource) – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she’ll address her future plans today. 

That’s according to a tweet from her spokesperson. Some speculate she’ll retire soon, since Republicans are projected to take control of the house. But that doesn’t mean democrats are backing off their priorities. 

Democrats are rushing to approve legislation before the end of the year. 

The U.S. Senate could vote on a bill protecting marriage equality as soon as this week. Advocates want the House to pass that version this year. 

That’s before apparent incoming speaker Kevin Mccarthy, takes control of the chamber’s agenda. 

Some Democrats say they feel similar pressure to secure funding for Ukraine. 

Two-party control of congress has been known to cause gridlock, but, bipartisanship is always possible. 

As for Senate leadership, it appears likely to remain the same. Republican lawmakers voted yesterday to keep Mitch McConnell as their minority leader. 

A source familiar with the Democrats’ plan says they’ll pick their leaders December 8. 


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