Stories from Ukraine: The Ukraine-Poland Border Crossing

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MEDYKA, POLAND – Our coverage of Stories from Ukraine continues. Our crew visited the Poland-Ukraine border following the recent missile strike in Ukraine.

It is a cold and rainy day en route to the Ukraine border crossing in Medyka, Poland. When we got there, we were surprised about what we saw, or rather, what we didn’t see.

Last time we were here at this border crossing, it looked completely different. All the way on both sides of this aisle right were people here volunteering.

When we visited this border in March, Ukrainian refugees continuously crossed into Poland. They were greeted by a variety of volunteers and organizations. Helping them travel into town, get free meals and more. But now, it feels empty.

Just one day ago, Russia launched a series of missiles across Ukraine. Tensions were raised even further after NATO said a Ukraine air defense missile most likely caused an explosion in a Polish village about two and a half hours away from here.

“[We] were in Ukraine at the moment when the missile strike happened,” said Ana, a Ukrainian woman who left the country.

This family who lives in the middle of Ukraine, said they were in a safe place in Ukraine when the strike happened. While this family left Ukraine for Germany, some Ukrainians are headed back into the country.

“I’m living really close to the border so that’s why I’m less stressed but I understand for people living far from the border, they’re stressed,” said Mariana, who is traveling back to Ukraine.

They have a message for us:

“I’m really happy that you don’t have the war and that you don’t have to experience this,” said Mariana.


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