Parts Of Chautauqua County Buried In Lake Effect Snow

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SILVER CREEK, NY (WNY News Now) – Parts of northern Chautauqua County suffered the brunt of what might be the largest snowstorm in 20-years in our region.   

“Business still goes on with emergency services, whether it is police, fire, and EMS, the snow doesn’t stop for them especially,” explained Chautauqua County PJ Wendel.  

For Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel, keeping major routes passable for first responders was top priority Friday, in places like Silver Creek and Irving, that were buried by heavy lake effect snow. 

“The importance of keeping people off the roads, in an event like this, allows those vehicles to travel without the added risk of other drivers on the road,” continued Wendel.  

While Wendel doesn’t plan to issue a travel ban, he hopes residents use common sense to stay safe. In many cases, that means staying home. 

“Realistically Dunkirk, and Fredonia, that Lake Eire Shoreline, doesn’t get the lake effect snow, it’s usually inland,” he said “But, mother nature wants us to remember that it doesn’t matter, if she wants to dump snow, she is going to dump it where ever she wants. Those people who usually dodge the heavy snowfall on lake effect snow, are getting it right now.” 

Overall, that’s the wonder of lake effect snow, where you can have white out conditions just miles from pleasant blue sky.


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