Several Tabled Jamestown Housing Programs Funded

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) – Jamestown lawmakers have approved using several million dollars in ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) monies to fund several programs that have been a topic of discussion with the city council for many months. 

The programs had been on the council’s agenda for many months, as lawmakers discussed how to spend the remaining ARPA funds.

They ultimately decided that some programs could take a cut in allocated money to fully fund other programs.

City Council funded a slew of proposals including $1 million dollars to the Chautauqua County Land Bank for demolition within city limits.

Other programs include the city’s 19-A homeownership program to buy, fix, and ultimately sell dilapidated properties within the city being awarded only $500,000 dollars, 250 less than initially proposed. 

The funding from that program however, was sent into the city’s Senior Housing Repair Program, which needed an additional $500,000 dollars to be funded in its entirety.

“As far as the 19-A one I know there was a lot of discussion,“ explained City Council President Tony Dolce. “It had been reduced, so I think it got to a point where the council felt comfortable. It is more like a pilot program to see where it goes, so we spent a little less on that. The big thing that was near and dear to my heart, which I pushed really hard for, was the allocation for senior home improvement, so we put it back to the max of $1.5 million.”     

Other funded projects include the Business Expansion and Building Acquisition Program, which was given $750,000 dollars, and the Non-Profit Assistance Program receiving $1.5 million dollars.


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