How Jamestown Families Should Prepare For An Active School Shooter

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — A company out of Erie Pennsylvania is helping families in Chautauqua County prepare for their worst nightmare: an active shooter at local schools. 

On the heels of last week’s mass shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, owner of Household HQ, a security and emergency training service, David Kohl is stressing the importance of being prepared. 

“What we’re really trying to do is to bridge the gap between knowledge and what equipment is available out in public,“ explained Kohl, “We lean heavily on planning and training, so that way people can be their strongest asset 

Here locally, Jamestown Public Schools are increasing safety measures in response to last week’s tragedy. Some improvements include retraining staff, equipment upgrades, and a violence interrupter program. 

For Kohl, he’d rather see educators and administrators get the correct training than having school aged children lose their innocence.

“We don’t want children to have that negative feeling about going to school, we want people to be excited about learning and education in general,” stated Kohl. “What we do offer though is the capability to train older generations. And I think that’s what really helps

His firm has plenty of resources for anyone to tackle active shooter situations.

“We assess, we equip, we plan, and we train,“ explained Kohl. “We make sure to partner with top of the line businesses and agencies. Equipment provisions can be anywhere from first aid kits, which in active shooter situations are absolutely needed. We also provide training as a licenced training provider through the American Red Cross, to make sure you know how to use those kits, and of course computer survival training through ALIVE.   

In the end, the training is meant to make someone prepared for the worst.

“People aren’t necessarily less afraid of something happening, because that risk is always there,“ said Kohl. “But now they feel comfort in knowing that they can do something when it actually happens.”

Other services that Household HQ provide include child care, allergy detection and Epi pen usage, opioid overdose training, and family protection. Learn more at 


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