Mother Daughter Duo Opens New Business Ventures

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JAMESTOWN, NY (WNY News Now) — A mother daughter duo has opened a new business in Jamestown, pairing homemade candles, skincare products and custom apparel. 

Operated and owned by Barbara Silvis, Luxe Scentz, officially held a grand opening last week.

Silvis says she is on a mission to bring long lasting and great smelling products to her customers. 

“We had a lot of people come through, a lot of people check out the products, we’ve got a lot of customers wanting to come back because they bought one or two items, kind of iffy, you know it’s a new business. Now, I’ve gotten a lot of messages on Facebook of people wanting to come back and shop so we expect business to pick up quite a bit,” said owner Barb Silvis.

Luxe Scentz offers a variety of products, ranging from candles and wax melts to lip scrubs and wrinkle cream.

“We do have a few samples available so if anyone is watching and is kind of interested in it and wants to check it out, there’s only been one or two people in the past three years that have not benefited from it,” Silvis explained.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Silvis is targeting holiday shoppers.

“I do Pamper Baskets as well, I will have a Mother’s Day basket coming up. I’m hoping by Monday I’ll have the extra goodies to put in the basket. I do have a regular Pamper Basket and I have a deluxe Pamper Basket,” said Silvis.

Something that the brand prides itself on is its long lasting scents given off by the candles and wax melts. 

“One cube of the wax melts will last up to three days in your warmer and they are triple scented so you definitely want to start with one cube at a time. If you like a stronger fragrance, feel free but most of the time you will only need one,” Silvis said.

In the same building, Silvis’ daughter Desirea runs her own business: Desi’s Custom Creations.

“I make everything, there’s several things I can do. I do a lot of seasonal things like the bunnies and this mom tile I just started doing for Mother’s Day,” explained owner of Desi’s Custom Creations Desirea Cochran.

To find a full list of products, you can visit both Facebook pages, Luxe Scentz and Desi’s Custom Creations. 


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