Artificial Intelligence Uses and Safety

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By Marisa Thomas

Artificial intelligence can create pictures, use voices and write just like a human, in some cases even better than. The growing technological movement works by creating things from the information it’s provided, which can save time and effort for us humans.

“As a regular user of AI, you can use this for so many things . . . depending on your business. You can build on top of it. You can build a chat box for customer support . . . and they are very helpful in a lot of research work, and for cyber security, as well. We use AI For anomaly detection. We use AI in actually email spam filtering. That’s a great application of AI,” said Associate Professor of Cyber Security at Mercyhurst University, Christopher Mansour.

While using AI can get you started in finding information, you still want to double-check its results.

“Double check the information and do not rely heavily on all of this information because again, it uses outdated information. It’s not always accurate. It sometimes comes up with information that isn’t accurate,” Mansour said.

And just as it can be a helpful aid, AI can also be a tool used by those with bad intentions.

“Bad actors are using it to actually make their actions further malicious. As I said earlier, they’re building those malicious emails, those phishing attacks, more targeted with fake scenarios, and they’re using the deep fakes that are totally generated by AI,” Mansour said.


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