Senator Gillibrand Unveils $50 Billion Rebuild Rural America Act

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(WNY News Now) – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, alongside local leaders in Salamanca, introduced the Rebuild Rural America Act, a transformative legislation aimed at injecting $50 billion into rural economic development, infrastructure, education, healthcare, and small businesses.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced the Rebuild Rural America Act in partnership with local leaders. The objective is too help with revitalizing rural communities across the nation. The proposed legislation, a $50 billion investment, is designed to tackle the unique challenges faced by rural America while simplifying access to federal funds and resources.

“New York’s rural communities confront distinct obstacles, often underserved by federal support,” emphasized Senator Gillibrand. “Through the Rebuild Rural America Act, we commit $50 billion to empower these communities, fostering the growth of schools, childcare, private investment, workforce development, and crucial infrastructure. I am determined to usher this bill through the Farm Bill this year.”

Mayor Sandra Magiera of Salamanca expressed enthusiasm for the legislation, stating, “The City of Salamanca welcomes Senator Gillibrand’s commitment to reinvigorate rural economies. This legislation is a lifeline, funneling billions into regions like ours, uplifting infrastructure, education, healthcare, and small businesses. Senator Gillibrand’s dedication to this impactful legislation is deeply appreciated.”

Central to the Rebuild Rural America Act’s framework are several key components:

Rural Future Partnership Fund: An innovative $50 billion block grant program will be established to fund long-term rural economic projects. This encompasses a range of investments, including childcare centers, public schools, libraries, healthcare providers, community centers, workforce development initiatives, emergency readiness programs, main street revitalization efforts, and water and sewer facilities.

USDA Rural Innovation and Partnership Administration: A dedicated administration will be formed to simplify rural communities’ access to federal resources. Collaborating directly with local leaders, this entity will provide vital information, technical assistance, and cutting-edge data, facilitating the creation and execution of effective rural revitalization plans, rendering government assistance seamless and effective.

Rural Future Corps: To counter population decline in rural areas, the Rural Future Corps program will be launched. This initiative aims to station AmeriCorps Fellows within rural communities, expanding essential services such as childcare, healthcare, nutrition assistance, education, and job training. The program also endeavors to retain members within rural areas post-service, strengthening the local workforce.

Empowerment of Local Leaders: Acknowledging the insights of local leaders, who possess an unparalleled understanding of their communities, the legislation introduces a suite of national capacity and training programs. These programs will link national technical assistance providers with rural regions, facilitating regional economic development driven by local expertise.

Rebuild Rural America Act presents a comprehensive and strategic approach to address the multifaceted challenges encountered by rural communities.

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