Celoron Moose Hosts Diverse Classic Car Show

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(WNY News Now) – The Celoron Moose lodge came alive on Saturday, August 19, 2023, as it played host to the Southern Tier Classic Chevy Club Cruise in Car Show, featuring an impressive collection of classic and unique vehicles.

Car enthusiasts and curious onlookers flocked to the Celoron Moose lodge this past Saturday to indulge in a captivating display of automobiles at the Southern Tier Classic Chevy Club Cruise in Car Show. While the event’s name may emphasize Chevys, the showcased vehicles showcased a remarkable range beyond that, including AMC Pacers, Hot Rods, Ford Model A, and an array of other automotive treasures.

Attendees were treated to a dazzling spectacle of meticulously restored classics, creatively remodeled rides, sleek new models, and even a few charmingly original cars that showcased the rich history of automotive craftsmanship. The diverse lineup paid homage to the evolution of automobile design, reflecting the passion and dedication of car enthusiasts who have lovingly preserved these gems.

As the engines roared and the sun bathed the event in a warm glow, visitors were also treated to a delightful BBQ chicken dinner, hosted by the Moose lodge. The mouthwatering aromas and flavors added an extra layer of enjoyment to the day’s festivities, making it a wholesome experience for both car aficionados and families alike.

The Car Show was completely free and open to the public. This approach ensured that car lovers of all backgrounds, young and old, could immerse themselves in the world of classic automobiles without any barriers.

The Southern Tier Classic Chevy Club Cruise in Car Show not only celebrated the beauty of cars but also fostered a sense of community among attendees. It provided a platform for enthusiasts to share their passion, exchange stories, and appreciate the dedication that goes into preserving automotive history.

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