Local Gem “Music For Your Mouth” Welcomes America’s Best Restaurants for Showcase

(WNY News Now) – Music For Your Mouth, a beloved local eatery, is gearing up to host a special visit from America’s Best Restaurants (ABR) in early September 2023.

Mayville – Renowned local dining establishment, Music For Your Mouth, is set to captivate food enthusiasts as it plays host to America’s Best Restaurants (ABR) in early September 2023.

America’s Best Restaurants dedicated to promoting locally-owned eateries, will make a triumphant stop with its ABR Roadshow at the restaurant on September 5th. The event will illuminate the eatery’s standout dishes and feature an in-depth, on-camera dialogue with proprietors Al and Karen Simmons, shedding light on the eatery’s pivotal community role.

The Simmons’ journey to culinary prominence took an unforeseen turn when a vacant space in Mayville beckoned.

Inspired by Karen’s musical ardor as the first violin in the Warren NY Philharmonic Orchestra, the restaurant aptly bears the name “Music For Your Mouth.”

While Al’s culinary prowess, honed through family cooking and military service, urged him towards restaurant ownership, it was their chef Erik Alicea who took the reins, especially with the addition of dinner offerings.

A Pennsylvania Culinary Institute alumnus, Erik boasts a diverse culinary background, including catering for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates.

“He’s an artist,” Karen raves. “His talent is awe-inspiring.”

The menu, an ensemble of breakfast and lunch delights, including signature flatbread pizzas, extends to an upscale dinner selection of sandwiches, tacos, salads, and appetizers.

America’s Best Restaurants will capture the eatery in its element on Tuesday, September 5th, from 8 am to 11 am EST.

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