Robbery During Online Sale Meetup Prompts Safety Warning


(WNY News Now) – A 20-year-old woman fell victim to a robbery at gunpoint during an in-person exchange for an Apple Watch she arranged through Facebook Marketplace on Monday, September 25th, 2023. The incident has prompted law enforcement to issue a safety reminder for online buyers and sellers.

Syracuse, NY -Syracuse police officers swiftly responded to a robbery report in the 100 block of McAllister Avenue at approximately 7:23 P.M. The victim, a young woman, recounted that upon her arrival at the designated meeting spot, she encountered several males, one of whom brandished what appeared to be a handgun. In fear for her safety, she surrendered her belongings, and the suspects quickly fled the scene.

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the incident. An active investigation is underway, with authorities urging anyone with relevant information to contact the Syracuse Police Department at (315) 442-5222.

In light of this unsettling occurrence, local law enforcement advises extreme caution when arranging in-person transactions originating from online platforms. They recommend conducting meetups in well-lit, highly visible, and populated public places, such as shopping centers, business parking lots, or busy public parks. Whenever possible, it is advisable to bring a friend and gather as much information about the person with whom you intend to trade. Prioritizing personal safety during such exchanges remains paramount.

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