Hockey Club Teammates’ Quick Thinking Saves Life of Fellow Skater

Photo of Coventry, Zarko and Lewis

(WNY News Now) – In a harrowing incident during a routine SUNY Plattsburgh club hockey practice, teammates displayed remarkable composure and skill to save the life of their unconscious fellow skater, Jenna Fireovid.

PLATTSBURGH – A typical evening of SUNY Plattsburgh club hockey practice took a dramatic turn when first-year student Jenna Fireovid, hailing from Clemson, S.C., suddenly collapsed on the ice, unconscious and non-responsive.

Fireovid, an undeclared major and a seasoned player with an impressive hockey background, initially attributed her discomfort to her asthma acting up. As she struggled for breath and eventually lost consciousness, her teammates sprang into action.

Zach Coventry, a first-year criminal justice major, and Luke Zarko, a senior computer science major, reacted swiftly. Coventry turned her onto her side while Zarko removed her helmet and provided head support. When they found no pulse, Coventry began chest compressions, with Noah Lewis, a senior history education major, counting and assisting.

Amid the emergency, Fireovid started vomiting on the ice, heightening the urgency. Her revival commenced only after several minutes of resuscitation efforts by her teammates, moments before paramedics arrived on the scene.

Fireovid described her ordeal as a surreal experience, “drifting in and out of consciousness,” battling to stay awake. She was eventually transported to CVPH Medical Center, where it was determined that long QT syndrome, a heart disorder, may have triggered the episode.

Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Coventry, Zarko, and Lewis remained composed and focused, ensuring their friend’s survival. The quick thinking and coordinated efforts of the young men earned them praise from SUNY Plattsburgh President Alexander Enyedi, who commended their “heroic” response.

Fireovid expressed her gratitude to her teammates, acknowledging their unwavering support during her ordeal. As she returned to classes, she thanked them for their courage and quick actions that undoubtedly saved her life.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of being trained in life-saving techniques, demonstrating the critical role bystanders can play in emergencies, and the resilience and teamwork displayed by these remarkable students in a moment of crisis.

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