Congressman Langworthy Endorses Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House

(WNY News Now) – Rep. Langworthy issued a statement in support of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan as the next Speaker of the House.

Washington D.C. – “The time is come for the Republican Conference to unite and support Jim Jordan to be the next Speaker of the House,” said Rep. Langworthy. “Jim has a plan to take us forward in a narrow majority in divided government. He has a proven track record of conservative leadership that makes him uniquely qualified to bring us together with a stronger resolve. I will be enthusiastically voting for Jim Jordan for a second time this week. It’s time to bring this vote to the House floor so we can get back to the business of the American people, secure our border, aid Israel and make real fiscal change.”

Many politicians have questioned Jordan’s ability to unite his party. This is due in part to the allegations that have been leveled against Rep. Jordan stemming from his days coaching at Ohio State. Others have questioned Jordan’s ability to work on bipartisan bills that will ultimately need Democrats’ support. WNY News Now has reached out to Rep. Langworthy’s office for a comment on the allegations against Jordan.

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