National Grid Bolsters Staffing and Prepositions Crews for Severe Winter Weather

(WNY News Now) – In anticipation of the impending winter storm set to blanket central, northern, and western New York, National Grid takes proactive measures by increasing staffing levels and strategically placing crews to ensure a swift response to potential power disruptions.

New York – As upstate New York braces for its first substantial snowfall of the season, National Grid, a leading energy provider, is ramping up preparations to mitigate potential impacts on the region’s power supply. Weather forecasts predict significant lake-effect snowfall and moderate winds from Monday evening through Wednesday morning, with the Lake Erie shoreline, inland areas, and regions east of Lake Ontario expected to bear the brunt of the winter weather.

In alignment with its commitment to public safety, National Grid has extended employee work shifts and strategically stationed crews across central, northern, and western New York. The company emphasizes its readiness to address any potential disruptions to the energy delivery system.

To enhance customer safety during the storm, National Grid offers the following reminders:

Electricity & Generator Safety:

Customers experiencing power outages can expedite restoration by notifying National Grid online.
Generator users should operate equipment outdoors to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide and disconnect from National Grid’s system by shutting off the main breaker.
Individuals relying on electrically powered life support equipment are encouraged to register as life support customers.
Keep flashlights, batteries, and electronic devices charged before the storm.
Safety Near Downed Power Lines:

Exercise extreme caution near downed power lines, always assuming they carry live electricity.
Avoid contact with individuals or objects in proximity to downed lines.
Approach fallen trees with caution, as power lines may be entangled.
Steer clear of water in areas where power lines may have fallen, as water can conduct electricity.
National Grid also encourages customers to stay informed and connected by signing up for personalized alerts, reporting outages via text, and accessing real-time power outage information through their website.

In the event of a power outage, the company advises against using candles and recommends using flashlights or battery-powered lights instead. Additionally, customers are urged to check on vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly, who may require assistance during an outage.

For more detailed storm safety information and to stay updated on outage status, customers can visit National Grid’s Outage Central website.

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