CCIDA Approves Loan to Westfield-Based Food Processor

Crunch Factory Logo Photo by CCIDA

(WNY News Now) – At its Nov. 28, 2023 meeting, the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) Board of Directors approved a $400,000 loan to support the purchase and installation of new equipment for Original Crunch Roll Factory, LLC (Crunch Factory®), located at 75 Bourne St., Westfield. The total cost of the new investment is $1.4 million.

Westfield, NY – Once installed and in use, the new equipment will significantly increase production for the Crunch Factory operation, allowing it to sell its products in new markets. The new equipment will result in the retention of 38 jobs at the plant, and creation of eight additional jobs, bringing the new employment total to 46.

Crunch Factory has been operating in Westfield since 2016 as a food processor, specializing in making its signature “Crunch Roll™” snack food and appetizers that are sold frozen and then heated when ready to eat. It opened under the Start-up NY program with assistance from the CCIDA through its AL Tech Revolving Loan and Chautauqua Revolving Loan funds, along with a 10-year tax lease/PILOT agreement. At the time, the total cost to acquire the property, make renovations, and purchase the needed equipment was $1.8 million.

Since opening, Crunch Factory has sold its product line to grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, arenas, gaming operations, colleges, amusement parks, military commissaries, and convenient stores. Product offerings include Buffalo Style Chicken, Mac ‘N Cheese, Banana Pepper, Steak & Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza, Breakfast Scrambled Egg with Sausage, and Corned Beef Reuben.

Crunch Factory is now ready to make a major capital equipment purchase of a new crunch roll production machine, which will provide the capacity to increase output and reduce waste. It will also enable the company to begin producing a new product line of “Mini-Crunch Rolls.”

“This new piece of machinery is a game changer for our operation in Westfield,” explained Crunch Factory owner Zachary Bohn. “We’ve been selling our product as fast as we make them. With this new investment, we’ll significantly increase our production output, helping us to meet demand from our buyers and also expand into other markets including grocery and retail chains that require a larger inventory before carrying our products. We will also be able to make Mini-Crunch Rolls and our research has shown us there is a market demand for these smaller-sized snacks.”

Crunch Factory – “Crunch Rolls”
photo by: CCIDA

“Attracting Crunch Factory’s food production facility to Westfield, and continuing to support them, has become a great food production success story for Chautauqua County. Their desire to expand operations, while also working with local suppliers, illustrates why it was important for the county to assist Crunch Factory when it first opened seven years ago and why we are offering additional assistance today,” said Mark Geise, Deputy County Executive for Economic Development and Chief Executive Officer of the CCIDA.

“We are excited about this further expansion of our food processing industry in Chautauqua County, especially by a team with a proven track record. It’s great to see food made right here being sold in markets across the rest of the country and this latest investment by Crunch Factory is a testament that our county continues to be a great place to start and grow your business,” said Paul “PJ” Wendel, Chautauqua County Executive.

“This is fantastic news for Westfield and the greater Westfield area,” said Dennis Lutes, Village of Westfield Mayor. “Crunch Factory’s latest investment will help to not only retain 38 jobs in our community but also build on that number in the coming months.”

“This is yet another great story for Westfield and our residents,” added Martha Bills, Town of Westfield Supervisor. “Having a business stay committed to our community is a huge lift for the local and regional economy and we look forward to seeing the commitment pay dividends for years to come.”

Terms of the CCIDA loans are $175,000 for Total Working Capital at 4.00% for five years, and $225,000 for Machinery and Equipment at 4.00% for seven years.

For more information about Crunch Factory and its products, visit

About Original Crunch Roll Factory, LLC – Original Crunch Roll Factory, LLC (Crunch Factory®) offers restaurants and food distributors nationwide a unique appetizer and snack. Consumers may also find the products at supermarkets and convenience stores. Using only the highest quality ingredients in all of their products, Crunch Factory currently offers seven varieties of Crunch Rolls. Each roll is wrapped in a crispy crunchy shell, providing its unique crunch. Crunch Factory invites you to “Be bold about your flavors, be bold about what you eat. Choose Crunch Factory. Be Bold.” For more information visit

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