Lawyer Says He’s Interested In Receiving Democratic Nod For Jamestown Mayor

JAMESTOWN – A local lawyer said he’s interested in seeking the Democratic endorsement for Jamestown City Mayor.

Jamestown native Eddie Sundquist told WNYNewsNow Thursday morning that he’s interested, but he doesn’t know what will be decided by the City Democratic Committee.

“I have expressed interest in it, but I don’t know what the City (Democratic) Committee is going to do, and if they’re going to endorse someone,” Sundquist said.

Sundquist said that the city’s Democratic Party will meet next Thursday to determine who the party will endorse in this year’s mayoral election. Longtime Mayor Sam Teresi, a fellow Democrat, announced on Feb. 4 that he would not be seeking re-election after serving since 2000.

City Democratic Committee Chairman Jim Walton recently talked to WNYNewsNow’s Rory Pollaro. Walton discussed what he’ll be looking for when searching for a candidate.

“My management experience is I’m first looking at someone’s resume. I want to know what they’ve done, what they’ve been active in,” he said. “The resume is one of the first things we look at and how active have they been in Democratic politics.

City Republicans, meanwhile, postponed making a decision Wednesday night to determine who they’ll endorse for mayor.

Mayoral candidate Andrew Liuzzo told WNYNewsNow Thursday morning that “nothing was decided” during the first meeting. Liuzzo said that a second meeting has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday.

When asked why the decision was postponed to another meeting, Liuzzo said that he “wasn’t at liberty” to say.

Liuzzo, who was elected in 2017 as a Jamestown City Council At-Large member, announced on Feb. 2 that he’ll be running for Jamestown mayor. Current mayor, Sam Teresi (D), announced on Feb. 4, that he would not be seeking re-election in November. Teresi became mayor in 2000.

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