Reed Calls Green New Deal “Extreme”

Photo: US House of Representatives Photo: Pixabay

NEW YORK – Rep. Tom Reed (R) is calling the Democrat proposed Green New Deal “extreme” and “pie in the sky.” 

Reed gave this response while a guest on Fox Business News.

“It’s extreme policy that’s taken over the Democratic party in this new green deal that is represented here,”Reed said.

“If you look at the proposal itself, $93 Trillion it will cost, but you also look at what it is. I get it, it’s pie in the sky, its utopic, it’s not based on reality and we want to live in this faery land of that government’s going to take care of all these problems,” Reed explained.

He said capitalism will cause the innovations that will lead to cleaner air and water,not government fiat.

“That’s the root flaw in this proposal, it relies on government mandate. It relies on this fairy tale that government’s going to just say ‘clean air, clean water’ and get it done, but what actually gets its  done and moves the needle is innovation, is capitalism, at the end of the day u get people responding…” Reed said.

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