Consumer Watch: Grocery Savings

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WESTERN NEW YORK – Shopping at the grocery store can take a big bite out of your paycheck; but there are some small and simple steps shoppers can make now that can save shoppers money.

The USDA says a family of four spends on average roughly $875 to $1,045 a month at the grocery store.

So how can you save a little green while shopping for your veggies? Step one: plan.

Experts say look at your pantry and freezer to see what you already have and use it.

Then buy what you need. Try to only shop once a week.

That way you can lower impulse buys and save gas.

Step two: shop around. Find out if milk is cheaper at one store and buy it there.

Also, look at the store’s ads and plan your meals around the deals.

Step three: consider coupons. Try or

Use the Snipsnap App to organize your coupons or download Checkout 51 to get rebates for things you’ve already bought.

Just a few simple ways to fatten you wallet, while buying the food you need.

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