Randolph Central School Closes Due To Bomb Threat

RANDOLPH – The Randolph Central School District announced Thursday morning that they’ve closed school for the day due to a phone call claiming that there was a bomb in the school.

According to the school district’s Facebook page, a call was made at around 7 a.m. claiming a bomb was in the school.

The school said the call was most likely not credible, but their protocol is to treat every threat as credible.

The school was put on delay, and officials said the decision to close for the day was made due to the time it’d take to clear the campus.

Officials said children who were picked up by bus this morning are safely at the school. In addition, the district said that children can be picked up.

If parents are unable to pick their children up, they are asked to call 716-358-7019 so that arrangements can be made to get their children to them.


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