Surgeon General Issues Marijuana Warning For Pregnant Women, Teens

Chuck Grimmett / CC BY-SA 2.0

WASHINGTON – America’s top doctor has a new warning: put down the pot if you are expecting or if you’re under eighteen.

The Surgeon General says no amount of Marijuana during pregnancy or adolescence is safe.

Doctor Jerome Adams says pregnant women are using Marijuana more than any other illicit drug.

The drug is linked to dangerous changes in the brain, both in fetuses and young people who are still growing.

The Department of Health and Human Services warns the Marijuana available today is often several times stronger than it was a few decades ago.

So far 33 states have legislated some form of legal Marijuana; either recreationally or medically.

President Donald Trump has donated $100,000 of his salary to a public awareness campaign warning of the drug’s dangers. The warning is the third Adams has issued since he became Surgeon General in 2017.

The others were for opioids and e-cigarettes.


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