Shooting Victim’s Wife Speaks Out

JAMESTOWN – The wife of a man shot during a dispute at a Jamestown bar last month is speaking out.

Erica Neubauer, the wife of Tony Neubauer, says the last week has been very difficult for her family, especially her children.

“They didn’t really understand and now that they have seen their dad in the hospital, they are realizing that this is a real thing,” said Neubauer. “It is really stressful on them, to say the least.”

Neubauer says that her spouse is having trouble feeling his legs and feet.

“He is still unable to wiggle his toes,” said Neubauer. “He has some feeling above the knee, but other than that his lower legs are not responding.”

It is still unclear what caused the dispute between Tony Neubauer and an unidentified shooter. Erica Neubauer’s hopes that justice will be served.

“Did what went on that night warrant being shot twice? I don’t think it did,” explained Neubauer.

Neubauer says that as far as she knows, the police have not spoken to her husband yet.

“Yesterday was the first time we were able to speak to him without the ventilator,” said Neubauer. “I did not want to go into details, I just told him that everybody at home was supporting him and he got a little teary-eyed.”

A Facebook group, Justice for Tony, held a protest Friday during the Jamestown Christmas Parade bringing awareness to the case. The group so far has 800 plus members.

Jamestown Police Chief Harry Snellings told WNYNewsNow last week that the shooter is being cooperative with their investigation.

Furthermore, Snellings said police were waiting to hear from the victim before proceeding further with the case.

Tony Neubauer was shot during an incident at the Bullfrog Hotel, Bar & Grill in the early morning hours of Saturday, November 30.

Initially, Tony Neubauer was taken to UPMC Chautauqua Hospital and later transferred to UPMC Hamot in Erie.

Anyone who may have witnessed the shooting is asked to contact the Jamestown Police Department anonymous tip line at 483-8477 (TIPS) or via the Tips 411 mobile app.


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  1. Wow…. I’d not be a free woman ,nor would you,or you,or you……………what’s the catch? Someone, if this victim lived or not- needs held accountable. The one round went off,much less two at the same person?…. My God,what century do we live in? We in the badlands of s.d. or something? Some Appalachianvortex?…..we need to get the Rock here,<<<meaning 》Dwayne Johnson? ¿¿¿¿¿¿ I really; despite my basic penal background,dont understand why this person,alien,cryptid…is not in custody? I'd be scared crapless,being his family…cooperate,or poof,you're landfill mass…. is it a chinese govt person or something? My speech is free,but I bet my butts on the ole brick city chopping block now…..

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