Swanson: Domestic Violence A Concern As COVID-19 Crisis Continues

MAYVILLE – Chautauqua County District Attorney Patrick Swanson says domestic violence is a specific problem that he’s concerned about as the global COVID-19 crisis continues.

“These are high stressed times where people are going to struggle with their mental health,” Swanson said during a recent interview with WNYNewsNow. “That struggle with mental health, along with it comes strain at home. I just hope people can stay level headed. If someone is violating the law, I hope that person being abused is able to call and get protection from law enforcement and seek help from the criminal justice system.”

The county’s chief prosecutor says the pandemic will cause a drop in crime throughout the county this year.

“When people are being out and about, and businesses being open, those things breed the opportunity for people to commit criminal acts,” Swanson said. “When you’ve got the majority of people staying home, and the majority of businesses being closed, the opportunity to commit crime is far less. We’re going to see a dip in crime this year because of (the pandemic).”


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  1. Help from the criminal justice system,you say….you let my felony stalker free as an FN corona spore…..I was delayed 6mths for my chance to see justice served…and never talked to you.we never even met.you let him stalk me,drug me,spit on me,and ultimately I was tossed like a china corpse,and knocked out…hed been arrested 30x in 6yrs for these same acts,and worse.n you set him free,whilst my ptsd keeps me isolated before this crap took over the world….THEY DONT CALL IT >CRIMINAL< JUSTICE《 FOR NOTHING.
    Our system is a farce,and heads up people,Jamestown has it's own Bill Cosby,n not the funny sweater,jello bill….the evil, sinister bill…..the real Bill….he is out there. Dont believe me,ask the Anew Center. ??

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