Employee At Heritage Green Nursing Home Tests Positive For COVID-19

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GREENHURST — An employee at the Heritage Green nursing home has tested positive for COVID-19.

Heritage President and CEO Lisa Haglund announced Thursday night the positive test was a result of mandated testing implemented by New York State.

“The staff member who tested positive is currently in quarantine, and will not return to work at Heritage until further notice,” Haglund said. “All of our families have been notified. In accordance with HIPPA requirements, no further details will be released.”

“At Heritage, the health and safety of both our residents and staff is of the utmost importance, and we are taking action to reduce the risk of exposure for all,” furthered Haglund. “The steps we are implementing are directly tied to the recommendations and guidelines of the CDC, and state, local, and federal regulations, and we will adjust these steps if those recommendations change.”

Haglund says she considers her group lucky to have limited exposure to the virus, with only one resident previously testing positive.

That resident, according to Haglund, has since recovered.



  1. How does that happen when all employees are suppose to be tested 2 x a week !! They are probably not following rules maybe the state needs to.step in !!

  2. Covid protection not 100% masks although help the spread as does social distancing it’s still not a guarantee you won’t come down with it. Many have no symptoms that’s the problem with this virus you can’t stop the spread of something you don’t know you have. No 100% guarantee even if vaccine found. The only way you might prevent contracting it would be to stay in your home alone with no social contact with the world and that’s not reality. I think only one employee and one resident testing positive since the beginning of this pandemic is actually pretty good odds. And I speak from being in the nursing field for over 35 years.

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